Menumaster Microwaves

Menumaster Microwaves

Menumaster Microwaves

Fixent Appliance solutions have 10+ years of NZ experience in commercial and domestic appliance service, support and maintenance. Our services package includes preventative maintenance service (PVM), support service, on-call service, installation, maintenance, and repairs . Fixent also provide appliance safety test and tag.

We specialise in coffee machines, Microwaves, Ovens, Toaster, and Filters and Domestic Appliances. We provide technical field service and support for commercial and domestic appliances.

Our staff are dedicated to providing top service to all our customers. As a consultative sales and service organisation, we offer strong expertise and support. We focus on building long term relationships with customers to supply their electrical and electronic needs.

Menumaster Microwave

Microwave 1000W Light RMS510TS2

Microwave 1100W RC511DSE*

Microwave 1100W RCS511TS

Microwave RFS518TS

Microwave 1400W Compact DEC14E2

Microwave 1800W Compact DEC18E2

Microwave 1800W Cmpct 60HzMDC182

Microwave 2100W Compact DEC21E2

Microwave 3500W 3Ph MSO5353

Microwave/Convection XC2

Microwave/Convection JET514V

High Speed Oven Xpress-IQ MRX51A

High Speed Oven MXP5221T

Microwave 2400W On Cue MOC5241*